Thursday, 31 March 2011

Real Scientists in Action

The science videos on Sixty Symbols and Periodic Table of Videos often deal with history and past breakthroughs.

However we also like to show you the current research being done by our very own YouTube stars.

Viewers can easily forget that our "presenters" are real working scientists doing day-to-day research.

The most recent example was this video, showcasing a new piece of work by Professor Martyn Polikaoff from PToV.

Not long ago we had this video with Sixty Symbols regular Phil Moriarty, who had been working on an atomic switch.

And below are two videos showcasing the work of PToV regulars Pete Licence and Steve Liddle.

Of course, Test Tube (another of my science video sites) is full of current research, including this project by Seamus Garvey.

And here's more work showcased on Test Tube, this time its Ed Lester.

All the scientists and engineers in these videos work at the University of Nottingham.

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