Friday, 4 March 2011

The Elements Song (our version)

If chemistry has an "anthem" it must be The Elements by Tom Lehrer.

Since launching The Periodic Table of Videos, people have regularly emailed about the song (in case I hadn't heard of it!)

We've never referenced the song because so many people have already made video clips using Lehrer's tune and voice as soundtrack.

I couldn't see the point of just doing another one!

But recently I had some inspiration and came up with our own twist - use our scientists to sing it!

Well, they didn't really sing it - just mine the archives for them saying each element's name.

Here's the result.

At the time of writing, the scientists themselves haven't seen the film... I hope they like it?

Special credit to my friend Dave Cheeseman who was a massive help with the music and technical fine tuning. He made it work.

The Avid "video editing timeline" we created for the film is the picture atop this blog entry!

And of course thanks to Tom Lehrer... Our video is merely a tribute.