Monday, 24 November 2014

Help with a Selfie

If you are a scientist, science student, teacher or somehow involved in science, we need your help.

We are collecting "science selfies" of people from Commonwealth countries.

Professor Martyn Poliakoff would like to use them in a video which will be shown at his address at the Commonwealth Science Conference 2014 being held in India.

See his explanation here:

If you can help, here are some pointers:

Email: with SELFIE in the subject field to help us sort them.

- It is good if the photos looks like a selfie rather than anything too pro!

- Please include a name, country and what you do in the email too. This is important. It's okay if you don't want a surname to appear.

- Show us in your science environment (lab, classroom, outdoors?) if you can.

- The pics will be used in The Prof's video plus the video will appear here on our YouTube channel.

- Sorry if we can't use them all.