Monday, 10 December 2012

Chemistry fan Carter

This is nine-year-old Carter, a periodicvideos fan from the US.

Larger version

Carter's Mum told us:

"He has even asked for ferrofluid for his birthday and cesium for Christmas!

"Thank you for such wonderful videos!

"We love to watch your educational videos at bedtime to help 'wind down' after long days.

"Thank you for all of your had work!! You guys are fun and informative and we can't get enough!!!

"We watch and re-watch your wonderful videos almost daily!"


Friday, 7 December 2012

A sketch of The Profs

On Monday we hosted a Meet The Professors "hang out" on YouTube.

It was our first test with the technology and, as you can see, we used bit of a ropey camera.

However it was great fun and everyone seemed to really enjoy it.

Including Irish artist Nicola Russell who was inspired to create this sketch of our foursome - Ed Copeland, Martyn Poliakoff, Mike Merririfled and Phil Moriarty - adding a Christmas theme.

Here's the hang out for anyone who missed it:

We will do more soon with better cameras and microphones.