Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gregor Mendel and Peas and Bees

The latest addition to My Favourite Scientist is a video about Gregor Mendel.

A monk doing science years before his time, he studied the likes of bees and pea plants.

His findings made him the true grandfather of genetics.

He was "chosen" as a favourite scientist by Yvonne Barnett, a pro vice-chancellor at Nottinghm Trent University.

Here's the video:


  1. Thanks Brady. You really made this man look human. All my life I thought he must be a wizened old man with a long beard and a perpetual frown dressed in long gray robes. Now he seems like a guy whom I would like to know, especially when I learned that he was a beekeeper :)

  2. Wonderful...I remember learning about Gregor Mendel when I was a boy and how important his studies were and are...and I love that so many, long ago like Mendel, were just natural scientists because of their natural curiosity that had to be satisfied somehow...Thank you!

  3. i hate him........he spent all his life growing pisum sativum(garden peas), and i have wasted one year of my life reading about him for my board exams

  4. Something the video left Mendel's day peas were one of the most important staple crops and many peoples' diets relied heavily on peas. I think that is one of the reasons that he chose to study peas.

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