Friday, 11 March 2011

The Holly Tree

The Holly is the latest addition to our series on trees, as featured on Test Tube.

Expert Markus Eichhorn explains why it has famously pointy leaves (but only on the lower branches) and why it is associated with Christmas.

We filmed a whole series of tree videos in one day last year and I am gradually uploading them... This is the 10th.

See the whole series here.

I hope to persuade Markus to film another batch soon because they are popular with viewers and he does them so effortlessly!


  1. I love these videos! They are fascinating! The Harry Potter one in particular is hilarious. "What are children learning?" I feel that same way about science fiction films in which silly things happen like perfectly normal gravity on an asteroid, or breathing with a little facemask on the surface of an asteroid, when there would clearly be no atmosphere whatsoever and people would need pressure suits not to explosively decompress! It makes one lose the suspension of disbelief entirely! I never thought about tree-based mistakes before but clearly I should have been paying more attention!

    There are dozens more species of tree, I think, that I certainly hope we get videos on, and then you need to find some engaging scientist or other who can do videos for all the species of birds, small mammals, and perhaps butterflies, the classes of the insects, dinosaurs (don't all of us go through our dinosaur phases?) and so on! You've got your work cut out for you, Brady!

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