Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Who knows the Nobel winner?

The annual awarding of the Nobel Prizes is like the World Cup Final for science.

So little surprise it's a crazy day for my main science websites - Sixty Symbols and Periodic Table of Videos.

Whatever happens, we need to quickly figure out what we can film and get it online as quickly as possible.

Today it was the Nobel Prize in Physics, and I hoped it would be won by someone a Sixty Symbols expert could talk about.

And what luck!

In fact it was won by someone who formerly worked with one of our presenters.

Andre Geim (pictured), who shared this year's prize with Konstantin Novoselov, worked as a postdoc fellow at the University of Nottingham in the 1990s, researching alongside Sixty Symbols regular Professor Laurence Eaves.

The prize was won by Geim and Novoselov for work at The University of Manchester.

But having a small link to Nottingham was a bonus for Sixty Symbols - it meant we could talk about the winners with a small amount of personal insight.

Professor Eaves was at pains to make sure all the glory went to the worthy winners, Geim and Novoselov. But it was clear he was delighted for them and he vowed to toast their victory this evening!

I had no time for toasts though. It was a mad rush to get the video edited and online as quickly as possible.

And it all starts again tomorrow with the chemistry prize. I wonder who will win that one?


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