Tuesday, 19 October 2010

A really, really nice guy

One of the first videos I've posted for the My Favourite Scientist project is about a microbiologist called Stanley Falkow.

To be honest, I'd never heard of him.

But it didn't take much research to realise Professor Falkow is one of the top dogs... perhaps a future Nobel Prize winner?!

In the video he's described (by Dr Alan McNally) as "a really, really nice guy... a wonderful man".

That's not a description always attributed to successful scientists.

But below the video I'll explain why I agree with this assessment.

It was hard to find photos of Professor Falkow for this video.

I emailed Stanford University for help, but things were moving slowly.

So I figured, why not email the man himself?

Despite being semi-retired, Professor Falkow replied almost immediately with a charming and friendly email.

It would be wrong to share his personal correspondence, but he seemed genuinely surprised that someone chose him as a "favourite".

Not only that, but Professor Falkow watched the finished video and was kind enough to say some nice things about it.

He was very humble for someone whose work has doubtless helped save countless lives.

As the video says, he seemed a "really, really nice guy".

Oh yeah, and he supplied the photo I needed.


  1. And judging by the photo, he is a wonderful, lovely man ;)

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