Friday, 8 October 2010

Great Comments

One of the best things about posting videos online is that we get so much feedback from viewers.

And most of the time it's positive!?

I used to read every comment, but that's not possible any more.

Thought I'd use this blog entry to collect a few favourites (with creative spelling and grammar left untouched).

SS = Sixty Symbols
PTOV = Periodic Table of Videos
TT = Test Tube
BD = Bibledex
WoW = Words of the World

"If I ever perfect my time machine, I'm going back and enroling at Nottingham Uni. Awesome series!" (SS)

"I must say thank you to this channel, and all those who contribute for inspiring me completely. Throughout my school career i had never been very interested in chemistry, but your videos have provided and insightful and interesting way of learning the subject. I recently took my gcse in chemistry, and thanks to the inspiration i recieved from your videos I scored 95%. I have also chosen a level chemistry, and am closer to my subject teachers through interesting topics learnt from the videos. I feel I owe my success greatly to these videos, so thank you!" (PTOV)

"This channel inspired me to get back in school, hoping to major in physics." (SS)

"Brady, I've never heard of the name of Notthingham before (because I live in some remote country called Japan), but now I tend to see Nottingham as the center of the world's academics with lots of awesome researchers..." (BD)

"More videos! Ive watched them all now some a couple times..Fantastic stuff, id rather watch it than any TV show." (SS)

"I just wanted to congratulate all of you for the wonderful videos I've been watching for the past year and a half, as I never took the time before. Personally, as a laser physicist, it makes me realize all that I lost when I chose this path over chemistry back in school, but in the same time, helps me fill the gap. Plus I've grown very fond of rock-star Pr. Poliakoff, like many people on YouTube sure have. More generally, I am so happy that you guys are so successful and are able to inspire the new generation. You are an example to the scientific community." (PTOV)

"Brady, thank you and your Nottingham friends so much for all you work! I'm going back to college because of your videos." (TT)

"I really like this channel. I think it's hard to find information on YouTube about the Bible that isn't extremelly biased and telling you to belief in this and that. I'm not a Christian but I do find learning about it to be interesting purely from a cultural point of view. Good work! ;)" (BD)

"I LOVE all your channels and vids, so THANKYOU Brady and all the crews involved. These have to be some of the top YouTube channels." (TT)

"excellent channel, from what i seen, you've got another "better than Public School" grade channel in the works, congratulations." (WoW)

"What a fantastic channel, I came across it via a friends facebook post. This is a really excellent example of what a youtube channel can offer. Great work :)" (SS)

"I'm a great fan of sixtysymbols (being a physics teacher) but I discovered this channel today! It's wonderful." (WoW)

"Awesome channels guys. There are too many here in the states that believe science is reserved for the elite." (TT)

"Why can't any American universities do something like this? While Britain has Brainiac, we have crap like Mythbusters. These videos taught me everything I need to know about elemental chemistry." (PTOV)

"i lately found your channel and its amazing :) i just wish all professors could explain math and physics in the way you guys do. i think i watched all the videos and i crave for more. its so entertaining, interesting and addictive." (SS)

"I'm a chemistry student in Brazil, and i LOVE periodic videos, i saw all the videos in just 1 month!" (PTOV)

"I am year 11 and am doing level 1 Science in NZ and to be honest... I like Science... But when I watch these videos.. I love it... This is so much more interesting than speed=distance/time...." (SS)

"Thank you very much for doing this! Great directing, great camera work..Thank you!!" (SS)

"Awesome! You are such a great teacher. We are homeschoolers, (5th & 7th grade) and are learning the Elements this year, one each week. I sure am thankful for your videos. All of you are so interesting, funny at times and keep myself and the boys not only learning, but wanting to learn more; now that is a sign of great teachers!" (PTOV)

"This channel should be part of the national curriculum. Keep up the good work!" (PTOV)

"This is a great idea. I think giving people a chance to look at science in a creative and fun way to make it appeal to the masses is fantastic. The educational value is also great! Keep up the good work!" (PTOV)

"I just found this channel and wish I had more time. It's AWESOME! Now I have to scratch my head and wonder why it took so long for me to find it. I love this channel already." (SS)

"Well Brady I take my hat off to you mate!!! Ive just found this channel, as a result of being totally hooked on periodic and sixty, and I LOVE what Im seeing and hearing. I think what youre doing is just awesome all the way - from starting idea/concept, to the finished product. Might actually have to leave my wife at work overnight tonite so i can do bibledex without being talked at...nah...Im dreamin. THANKS AGAIN!!!" (BD)

"love this! this is a phenomenal idea!" (WoW)

"This is my #1 Youtube channel! I check for new videos at least twice each week." (PTOV)

"Hello from Norway! I must say great videos! It is incredible that you make the effort of covering all the elements. You really make the University of Nottingham attractive, even for Norwegians like me:)" (PTOV)

"Hey guys, I really enjoy your videos! I send them to lots of people and everyone enjoys them all. You are all a bunch of characters too, it's really an amazing job you have done." (PTOV)

"im currently doing a level physics, every lesson i get confused, but i soldier on!!!! this sort of theory, is what im interested in and is a real motivation! :)" (SS)

"thank you for making these videos. you guys are the reason I am going to quit working and start college again in september, in chemistry of course! :-)" (PTOV)

"This channel is great! Religious belief and controversies aside, the bible is just an interesting book, both regarding its contents and its historical significance. Keep up the good work!" (BD)

"What a fantastic collection of fun, educational videos. Thanks for doing these and sharing them, they really are a wonderful resource!" (SS)

"Another channel from Nottingham, Brady has done it again :)!" (WoW)

"You guys should feature Neil in more videos. He's cool. Reminds me of Lex Luthor." (PTOV)


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