Sunday, 17 October 2010

A letter from Sheila

We receive all sorts of great messages and do our best to read all of them (replying when we can).

Here's a nice one we recently received from a Periodic Table of Videos fan that I thought worth sharing (with the writer's permission).

Dear Periodic Video Staff,


My husband Bruce and myself really enjoy your videos and informative content on FB, YouTube and your official site.

I am getting my Masters in Chemistry and have a desire to continue my studies mostly in the lab doing research etc.

My first career was as a CNN Headline Newscaster in Radio and TV and I retired and went back for PharmD and then fell in love with Chemistry and Physics and knew I couldn't just stand behind a Walgreens counter all day:).

I NEED the lab. I have a wonderful home lab thanks to my adorable husband, who is very supportive with my crazy theories and ideas.

That is what I love about Chemistry. It is still very much a pioneering field and like Physics, many things are yet to be discovered about the Universe and how elements can improve our lives if used respectively and treated properly.

My gg grandfather Nicoli was a Chemist and Pharmacist from Samos, Samos Greece (a Hellenistic Jew).

I come from a long line of chemists, physicists and pharmacists:).

The Professor looks very much like my Dad Nathan (he was a Professor too).

I enjoy watching him very much! I've enclosed a pic of my dad (right) and myself (above).

My dad truly looks like Albert Einstein. He passed away in 2001.

We travel quite a bit and we would be so excited to actually meet the Professor someday in England (we have a son in England).

I would be delighted to perhaps do a video sometime with you guys!

Thank you again,

Best wishes



  1. Would be cool to see some pictures of the home build lab (what I would call a DIY Lab). Got any links or perhaps a blog?

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