Thursday, 17 November 2011

Four videos - time for a rest

Today I uploaded four videos... count them!

There was this one for The Periodic Table of Videos... Not only amazing because of its content, but also because it features our friend Michael Stevens from Vsauce!

A new film for Numberphile, explaining why Pac-Man ends at level 255.

Then we have the latest piece of food science from Foodskey... Did you know that mayonnaise contains lemon peels?

And from Bibledex, we learn how Professor Roland Deines turned half a Bible verse into a 300-page book!?


  1. Love it, Brady. Take a rest, you've earned it! Whether you publish 1 video or 100 videos, we'll keep coming back for more. Thanks for the quality content.

    Nate Shiff
    Computer Science
    Western Michigan University

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