Wednesday, 9 November 2011

11th of 11th of 11

So we've launched our first proper Numberphile video, and it's all about the number 11.

The video marks the date 11.11.11 which is on Friday - the last binary day of the century.

Yes it's uploaded a few days early - but you don't start advertising Christmas on December 25, do you?

You can follow Numberphile on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Featured in this video is Dr James Grime - one of several people who will appear in the videos.

We filmed at Nottingham Forest FC's home ground, the City Ground.

This was one of three videos we filmed at the famous stadium.

Very lucky that the club allowed us in for these.

Stay tuned for the other films in the near future.

You can find out more about my two new channels - Numberphile and Deep Sky Videos - at this link.

1 comment:

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