Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Epic Fail of Hard Drive!?

A minor catastrophe this morning when my Drobo Pro Hard Drive stopped working.

I can no longer switch the system on and it's suffering what I've learned is called a re-boot loop.

I'm not the first person to experience this, I have learned.

My data is in here somewhere?
I'm currently talking with the company about a replacement and am hopeful my data is intact.

The alternative does not bear thinking about, with years of video stored among those precious 1s and 0s.

The data is backed up across the drives - but all contained within the one chassis which isn't working.

Customer service from Drobo has been good so far and quite prompt... But will reserve judgement until the replacement arrives and the issue is resolved?

Watch this space - but video production will be slow for a few days.

I'm trying to stay calm. :)


The replacement arrived slightly sooner than expected and allowed me to recover all the data (or so it seems so far!?)

Credit where credit is due... A component failed, but sure enough all my data was safe as advertised and the customer sevice was very good.

Thank you Drobo.

Will try and blog more detail on this later as bit of a resource for other Drobo users.


  1. Sorry, Brady.

    One comment from somebody who has a vested interest in your work staying intact (so i can watch it):

    NEVER ... EVER ... store heaps of valuable data on just one device in one physical location. There are too many points of failure (not all technical, think theft or fire) for that to be a good idea EVER.

    Do proper backups/copies of the most important stuff once in a while and store them in a different location.

  2. legend say that if data is not stored in more than in three places, it simply doesn't exist

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