Wednesday, 24 August 2011

What molecules?

The Periodic Table of Videos made its name by covering the elements!

But we also do a series all about molecules.

Yesterday I asked our Facebook followers what molecules we should be covering.

Here are some of their answers so far:

- The contraceptive pill. Something that radically changed the lives of women for the better, but also whether it's true the hormones getting into waterways are changing the sex of aquatic life.

- Serotonin!

- Mercury(II) thiocyanate decomposition, I've seen it on YT already, but some explainations of the molecular video experts would be cool.

- Something on other classic molecules, but pharma-oriented are my favourites!

- Nitric acid!

- Perhaps something that's got to do with the oxidation states of actinides, they never really taught me that at school.

- Noble gases compounds?

- How about DNA?

- Ethene (most produced chemical product in the world) or steam (for industrial boilers etc).

- Something pretty like Carborane.

- H2O... come on now.

- What about the chemistry of brewing and fermentation processes of beer and wine?

- And something about Glass, PVC, how they're produced.. it would be cool.

- Maybe sodium chloride?

- Mercury Fulminate ! ! ! :D Or thermite :)

- Yes mercury fulminate. As featured in the tv show Breaking Bad.

- Potassium Nitrate. So much history there!!

- How about something like chlorophyll

- I don't believe I have seen CFCs yet.

- Ochratoxin

- Hm...Urea or Chloroform.

- Piranha solution, potassium permanganate or potassium dichromate

- Dissect the lucrative world of toxins, preferably toxic compound used by different intelligence agencies. Scopolamine, ricin, abrin and in general tropanes would be of great interest. But I guess such "lethal" knowledge may not be pertinent for the univeristy to publish now in our turbulent times with all the terrorism.


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  2. Hey Brady, have you seen this comic:
    It's like Who's on First for chemists! :D

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