Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Chemical Rap and the Croatian Connection

Earlier today I blogged about periodicvideos reaching its 50,000th subscriber.

I now have two new pieces of news.

First, we've posted a video to mark the milestone.

It's a song by rapper and science communicator Oort Kuiper (aka Jon Chase) - but using some of our own video clips.

Check it out:

Also, I sent a message to the 50,000th subscriber - and heard back from him.

Initially he thought my message was a hoax (I don't blame him with the amount of spam flying around YouTube!)

The chap - who would prefer to remain nameless - is originally from the town of Zadar in Croatia.

He wrote: "I had no idea this was going to be the 50,000th subscription, and I wanted to subscribe long time ago, but never really cared about the whole concept of subscription because I periodically watch the channels I like, like periodicvideos.

"Well, this is a rather great honour for a Youtuber, especially because your channel is one of the best ones around.

"Though I'm not too active on Youtube cause there's not much time for making the videos I'd like, it's been more than 5 years that I run a blog (, mainly discussing pseudoscience from a healthy critical thinking point of view, presenting the local web population with some cool things from amateur astronomy and chemistry, and occasionally a rant or two on criminal."

I can't vouch for the blog as I don't understand the language, but here it is.

Our mysterious number 50,000 also had plenty of suggestions for future videos.

He wrote: "It would be great to make few videos of really rare sights, like solid oxygen, solid and liquid ozone (yeah, I know it's dangerous), glowing of condensed radon, the glow of metallic radium, etc.

"We've all been reading about stuff like that from the textbooks, but there are no photos or videos around."


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