Friday, 19 August 2011

More on those QR codes

Interest continues in our quirky periodic table of QR codes.

Professor Poliakoff visited the EPSRC (a big science funding agency) this week and gave them a copy of the table.

The EPSRC has previously supported our molecular videos series and, by all accounts, liked the table. They may hang a few in their offices!

I've also had photos from people who've made their own print-outs.

A few bloggers, tweeters and educational websites have also been kind and spread the word (like this one and this one).

And I've had some interest in printing them for wider distribution... Hopefully more news on that soon!?

Of course, you can just print out your own.

Here are some hi-res versions of the table:
With symbols
Without symbols

And here's a video I made explaining what it's all about:


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