Saturday, 19 February 2011

Sun Gazing and X Flares

The latest videos I've been editing feature Dr Chris Davis - a space scientist at RAL Space who primarily works on data from the STEREO spacecraft.

The films are for the Backstage Science series.

Here is the first film, which is an overview from Chris about his work. I especially love the footage of the comet at the end.

There are a few more films to come from Chris, which I'll be uploading to YouTube very soon.

However after filming, news broke about a solar flare ejecting some material towards the Earth.

My journalist training took over and I rushed back to Chris (visiting his house early in the morning) so we could film an extra bit about this.

Here it is:


  1. I have read that there may be a direct correlation between sunspot activity and the transit of planet Venus which as you know happens in pairs of eight year separations in cycles of every alternating 105 and 122 years. Is there any indication that this is a reality and if so how does this affect your planning and predictions?

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