Monday, 21 February 2011

A paper in Nature Chemistry

We've been fortunate enough to publish a commentary in the highly-regarded journal Nature Chemistry, discussing how to measure the impact of our videos.

It's a rather inexact science, as you'll see in our paper.

And even better, the publishers have made the article freely available for the next month - so anyone can read it without a paid subscription (UPDATE: This free offer has now lapsed... sorry!)

Our thanks to Nature Chemistry.

Click here for the article online.

And click here to download as a PDF.

What a lovely treat as we prepare to upload our 300th film to The Periodic Table of Videos.


  1. Interesting article. I'm sure you, as well as others, have experienced the same frustration in gleaning accurate statistics from the internet. The fixed and dynamic variables from the internet are so great, it would make a great argument or research paper!
    My two daughters 10 and 13 years old, light up with delight when we view your fantastic video lessons, in fact my oldest daughter was inspired to create cartoon superheros (loosely) based on column 17 (we call the halogen group the sisters).
    Here is an interesting bit of information for your team: I use your videos so I can better understand my job. I am a Hazardous Materials Response technician (fire department 19 years). I regularly refer back to your videos when teaching or learning about an element, chemical or compound. There is probably no way of tracking exactly how your lessons are used, but so you know, I am very appreciative of your work and I thank you and your team!
    Casper, Wyoming

  2. Would love to see the cartoon heroes Mike!!!

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