Friday, 11 February 2011

The Perfect Perfume

For Valentine's Day we've made a special video for The Periodic Table of Videos.

Essentially we've made a perfume, with all members of the team adding ingredients (except Steve, who was away in London).

I should stress the video is just a bit of fun - it is certainly not a recipe we'd recommend for human use!

The ingredients of "Mendeleev's Dream" are as follows:

Vanillin - the smell of vanilla
Mendeleev brand Vodka
Citronellol - the smell of lemons
Eugenol - smell of cloves
Cinnamaldehyde - the smell of cinnamon
Boron Trioxide - because Debbie loves Boron
Chocolate (Theobromine) - to provide the feeling of love
Hippodamine - a Ladybird Attractant
Platinum - to add some bling and glamour
Direct Red 23 - to give it a red Valentine's colour
Technician Neil's "Ingredient X"

We've even done a bit of market research, as seen in this "bonus video" for Test Tube:


  1. nice videos! "Hippodamine - a LadyBUG Attractant" (you mispelled it as Ladybird). Or else people will get a lot of crazy female birds comings towards them for no apparent reason! =)

  2. Ugo, North Americans call them ladybugs... Almost everyone else calls them ladybirds...

  3. Wow! I love your videos. Keep up the good work.

  4. Yay, Pete is back! Haven't seen him in a video for quite some time. This is a good one to make his "comeback" in.