Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The Secrets of Trees

I've started a new short series within Test Tube all about trees.

Links to all the videos will be posted at

The videos feature ecologist Dr Markus Eichhorn and I've found he's quite good and discussing a mixture of things - the science, history and trivia of each species.

The first video we've posted is this one about elms.

Next week is a really good one about oak trees, so watch out for that.

We went out earlier this week and filmed about 10 types of tree and I found them all quite fascinating.

Good ways to follow the series is subscribe to the nottinghamscience YouTube channel or follow me on Twitter.


  1. Hi Brady - NY Times just did an article on a scientist form the University of Nottingham that usede LASERS to map caves; I'll send you the link when I get a chance; it would make an awesome video

  2. I *love* this series, especially the one about tree-based mistakes in popular films. I hope you make more of these about trees. "and what are children learning?" Priceless!

    Seriously, I've lived around trees all my life and never known anything about them. I'd like to know more about Maple, Mimosa (why does it look like something from the Mesozoic?), Boxwood, Dogwood, Sweet Gum, Azalea, and all the many evergreen trees. Which are native and which are transplants from other parts of the world? Burning questions in all our minds, I'm sure! Please bring more of the tree man!

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