Monday, 10 May 2010

It is Finished

Tonight I 'finished' a big project which I've been working on for the past six months... It's called Bibledex.

The mission was to make a video about all 66 book of the Bible and the last one, Revelation, was finished just a few hours ago.

The Revelation film is one of my favourites and includes filming done in Israel, dealing Armageddon and the famed number 666!

The idea of Bibledex was to be "not religious" and just give people a pretty straight but fascinating insight into each book.

The videos are all nicely laid out at the Bibledex homepage.

But to mark the end of the project, I've also created this epic playlist which shows all 66 videos back-to-back! (The little arrows at the sides of the player let you skip between films)

I don't what is next for the project?

In some ways I feel like having finished all 66 book is just the beginning... But for now I'm happy to have a rest (oh, and continue work on my chemistry, physics, science and arts projects).


  1. Well done! I've enjoyed these very much.

    As for how to keep working on the Bible ones, you could always do videos on the 'Apocrypha' books ;)

  2. How about key figures...Moses, Abraham, Solomon, David, The 12 Apostles, or Paul


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