Sunday, 16 May 2010

Rigel's Top Five

A short while back we featured a top five periodic videos list from a young fan named Eddie.

Today we're following up with a top five from his mum, Rigel. She can be found on Twitter at RigelK or YouTube as pepsibookcat


Rigel says: "Molecular Christmas Tree!!! Absolutely worthy of squeeeeeeeally, excited sounds!!! This video is sweet, fun, geeky, and charming. I smile every time I watch it. Warm, fuzzy science. Geek bliss."


Rigel says: "Well, the sodium video really has it all, doesn't it? Pete and Neil getting up to explosive mischief, the Professor being utterly adorable and clever, splatter on the camera, and lots of mad scientist giggles!"


Rigel says: "I enjoyed the field trip and learned a lot from the Professor's explanation of cyclotrons. Physics usually gives me a headache, but this video educates in a very soothing and practical way. I also enjoyed the Professor's historical commentary (especially the part about profound discovery with simple equipment) and personal insights. The Professor is so very precious. This video has really stuck with me for some unknown reason."


Rigel says: "This one is so chocked full of information! It is one of the meatier Periodic Videos - full of excellent demonstrations and explanations. The oxygen video, along with the silver video, are good examples of the way y'all can take a seemingly common topic and lure people into chemistry by handling the topic in an uncommonly intriguing way."


Rigel says: "I knew nothing about bismuth prior to your videos beyond what I could deduce based on its position on the Periodic Table, and it has now become one of my favorite elements to learn more about. The Professor, Debbie, and Pete brought me pleasure and curiosity with this video."

And to remind yourself which five videos were picked by Rigel's son Eddie, you can click here.


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