Friday, 28 October 2011

Honorary Associate Member

Was really surprised today to learn I'd been made an "honorary associate member" of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

It was for the promotion of chemistry through the internet - namely The Periodic Table of Videos with chemists at the University of Nottingham.

Was really touched by such a nice gesture from chemists in my homeland.

And it follows an honor earlier this year from the Chemical Society of Ethiopia.

I was in Australia last month with Professor Martyn Poliakoff on periodicvideos duty. A couple of our films below:


  1. cool! keep up the good work! spread the chemistry!

  2. Congratulations, Brady! Really, though, you've done a hell of a lot to promote chemistry as an interesting and influential science, and then along with it some other sciences too. Since all four of my sciences (maths, physics, engineering and psychology) are beneficiaries of the effects of your work, I kind of owe you a huge vote of thanks for enabling people generally to get access to the ideas that come from these sciences.

    So ... thank you very much, Brady!

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