Saturday, 29 October 2011

iPhone photo of Jupiter

This photo of Jupiter and two of its moons was taken last night with my iPhone.

iPhone pic of Jupiter and two of its moons
I was filming with amateur astronomer Roy Gretton, who lives nearby in Nottinghamshire.

(The film was for an upcoming film for Deep Sky Videos - more about that soon).

Jupiter is currently in opposition, meaning it's closer to Earth than usual.

Roy showed me the planet through his telescope.... it was amazing!

You could clearly see the striped bands of clouds and three of Jupiter's many moons.

Then, for a joke, I pointed my iPhone at the eye piece and snapped.

Although Jupiter is horribly overexposed, I was amazed that the planet and two of moons were pretty clear.

What would Gallileo say?

I haven't checked which moons they were - I'm sure the experts will tell me. The third moon was far off to the right in the above image.

Below is a video still also taken last night... Jupiter is clearly visible.

Roy and Jupiter (still from video camera)


  1. wow that's so nice ! i had no idea Jupiter is currently closer to us.. Can this be seen from any place on Earth? Is it visible with the naked eye or do you need a telescope and a map(?) to actually find it? I don't know much about astronomy, but I find it pretty interesting.

    ps. I just found out this blog :D yay.. I'll keep coming around :)


  2. I too have taken a few photos of Jupiter with my camera. But they aren't very clear [no telescope, by the way] ! I'm trying to do something ! You help a lot Mr.Brady ! All those tips do help !

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