Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A tough nut to crack

The second film in the Foodskey series is done - it's about Bambara Groundnuts.

A bit like peanuts, this traditional African nut is described by experts as an "underutilised crop".

Scientist Sean Mayes is trying to change that, but faces some challenges.

One of the biggest is adapting the plant to places in the world with different "photoperiods" (or different day lengths, to put it in my language).

You can follow the new Foodskey series on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The Foodskey website is under construction and should be ready soon.

The first video in the series was about crackers and sensory science.


  1. I've probably watched every single periodic videos and sixty symbols video so far, and I love these food videos. Definitely keep making them.

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