Thursday, 6 October 2011

Quasicrystals and a busy day

At 10.45am yesterday I had never heard of quasicrystals.

By 2pm I'd filmed and edited a video all about them.

Such is the life of a video journalist.

The video was about the awarding of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

It has become an annual tradition that we do "on-the-day videos" about the physics and chemistry Nobel Prizes for periodicvideos and Sixty Symbols.

However the chemistry video turned into bit of a technical nightmare... Mainly due to a combination of fatigue and my eagerness to finish it quickly.

(I had to attend and film an inaugural lecture in the evening, which added to the pressure)

I ended up uploading the film three times before getting it just right (one of the times due to a stupid typo which had the prize awarded in 2001 rather than 2011).

Not my finest hour.

But well done to my professors-on-demand - Martyn Poliakoff and Phil Moriarty - who explained the prize well and immediately!


  1. >> had the prize awarded in 2001

    Could it be a time travel glitch because of the Neutrinos? :-)

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