Thursday, 20 October 2011

Thanks to Aldrich Chemistry

The Periodic Table of Videos is a collection of more than 350 videos, and growing every week.

We love making them and are grateful to the audience who watch.

But the project takes time and resources - we can't do it without support.

Several organisations (and of course the University of Nottingham itself) have made the videos possible.

And now we have secured sponsorship from one of THE big names in chemistry - Sigma-Aldrich.

Anyone working in a chemistry lab would know the name Aldrich and its familiar logo on chemical containers.

The company has kindly made a financial contribution  - but also agreed to supply us with chemicals for demonstrations.

Their support has secured the future of our videos for a couple more years at least.

Here's the page on which we thanks all our sponsors.


  1. Wow nice! ^.^ Now we can no longer worry about Periodic Videos disappearing in the near future! :)

  2. Congrats! I hope it goes without saying that we hope you won't compromise the chemistry for commercial interest. :-P

  3. Periodic videos is an excellent way of bringing science to the public. Congratulations on the Aldrich sponsorship. I'm glad to hear this worthy project is getting support.

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