Thursday, 19 May 2011

An Ethiopian Honour

Most people will know I'm NOT a scientist despite making films about science.

So an email received yesterday was somewhat unexpected.

The Chemical Society of Ethiopia has voted to make me an honorary member.

The association with Ethiopia is through the University of Nottingham's School of Chemistry, with who I make The Periodic Table of Videos.

Both Dr Pete Licence and Prof Martyn Poliakoff have a long tradition of collaboration with Ethiopian scientists.

In 2008 I traveled with Pete to Addis Ababa, where we made a series of films.

It was great fun and enjoyable to meet a range of African scientists.

Their accomplishments are more extraordinary when you hear stories of how they struggle with so few resources.

It can take months to have chemicals delivered to their labs and communication can be slow by modern standards.

I hope to visit Ethiopia again - and perhaps meet more of my new "colleagues" in the Chemical Society of Ethiopia!


  1. Well deserved, I say!

    You are doing the world a great service by bringing chemistry to life in an exciting and visual way for many who would otherwise not consider it, and therefore, inspiring future scientists, engineers, and furthering the cause.

    Well done, Sir!


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