Thursday, 19 May 2011

The many moods of Neil Barnes

Dr Pete Licence just texted me this very moody photo of our "cult hero technician" Neil Barnes.

Neil's more formally attired because he was helping set-up experiments for a professor's inaugural lecture - always a special occasion in a chemistry department.

I don't know if Pete did it on purpose, but the fire extinguisher is a great touch in this photo.

For those unfamiliar with Neil's work, I'd suggest the two videos below...


  1. Neil Barnes - Our Unsung Hero of Chemistry!!!

  2. I watch the periodic videos with my kids, ages 5 and 7. Neil is definitely their favorite "character". Yay, Neil.

  3. talk neil talk! i wanna hear you voice once

    1. At ( 0:54 ) of the first video, I believe that's him meeting his public speech quota.

  4. Does anyone remember the video where one of the chemists asks Neil where he got a material from and he just nods and says i don't know