Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Snaps from Rio

Just back from Rio De Janiero, Brazil, where I did plenty of filming with Professor Poliakoff for the Periodic Table of Videos.

It might be a short while until the videos are edited, but here are some snapshots to give a flavour of the trip.

If you look closely, one of the world's great landmarks is dwarfed by Professor Poliakoff's hair.

Here I am, a bit closer to Cristo Redentor.

The famous statue (and it's miniature cousins) are carved from soapstone. We'll be talking about this in an upcoming video.

A periodic table display at a Rio museum was an important part of our visit - stay tuned for more details.

Professor Rodrigo Souza was our host in Rio - he showed us all the best restaurants!

We also finally go to met Professor Luis Brudna, who does all our Portuguese captions.

Brazil's national cocktail is the Caipirinha. I agreed to drink a few in the name of science!

I joined Professor Poliakoff only for the Rio leg of his trip to Brazil... But fans have been emailing me pics from Sao Paulo and Florianópolis.

It seems everyone wants a snap with The Prof.

A dandelion between two roses!?


  1. Caipirinhas in the name of science... you have a great job, my friend!

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