Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Einstein Chocolate

I'm often amused by the gifts received by Professor Poliakoff (one of the stars of The Periodic Table of Videos).

This is the latest offering, from a chemistry colleague who had visited Albert Einstein's birthplace of Ulm, in Germany.

Here's a very old video from my first interview with Professor Poliakoff in which we discussed his resemblance to Einstein:


  1. I love that Martin knows that he looks like "a scientist", even tough scientists look like anyone, not just Martin. I hope that he takes these comments as a positive gesture and nothing more, and that he realizes that it is a good thing! He is so affable and lovable that anyone who learns about him could become a chemist, and that is a wonderful thing! As the new Secretary of the Royal Society, that is a very good thing!
    Take care,

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