Saturday, 29 October 2011

Numbers and Stars

My next big projects have become "official".

Last night YouTube unveiled a list of new "original channels" - see their announcement and view the list of channels.

Among them are two by me - Numberphile and Deep Sky Videos.

Numberphile will be about, oddly enough, numbers.

James Grime at City Ground
Filming has already started and the films are full of great facts and figures.

Yesterday we were lucky enough to film at a championship football stadium - The City Ground, home of Nottingham Forest FC.

Pictured right is Dr James Grime sitting in the grandstand and discussing number 11.

James will feature in many of the Numberphile videos.

Each video will be dedicated to a different number - from zero to infinity!?

The second project is called Deep Sky Videos.

It's a series about space, featuring a selection of professional and amateur astronomers.

As a starting point, we're planning to feature the famous catalog of Messier Objects.

Roy's image of M15
Just last night I joined local amateur astronomer Roy Gretton in the backyard of his Nottinghamshire home.

I watched him capture this image of Messier 15, or M15 (right).

It is just a quick picture captured for my sake, but it still nicely shows the globular cluster of some 100,000 stars.

I'll be posting plenty more information here on the blog.

But below are some details about following progress on both projects.

YouTube channel
Facebook Page

YouTube channel
Facebook Page


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