Monday, 10 October 2011

The Beatles and chemistry that sucks

Today I posted two videos about scientific papers.

The video for Sixty Symbols was very timely, because it was about The Beatles.

Timely because yesterday (October 9) was the late John Lennon's birthday and the third wedding of Paul McCartney.

The video is about a paper co-writen by four people, including Ed Copeland and Tony Padilla who are regulars on Sixty Symbols.

Their paper drew inspiration from The Fab Four, as they explain.

You can read the paper (for free) at this link.

The second video, from periodicvideos, was about a paper published by Pete Licence, Adrian Boatwright and Simon Puttick.

It's about using a siphon in a vacuum.

We filmed it a long time ago but had to wait for publication.

Again, here's a link to the paper, but this one will cost you $35 to read!!!

I should point out that's a fee set by the journal, not the writers.

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