Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Periodic Videos in a Museum

The Periodic Table of Videos is being used as a museum exhibit in Brazil.

Our videos form part of a chemistry installation at the Museum of Life, in Rio de Janeiro.

The museum is part of the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

People choose an element from an interactive table then watch our video about it.

It works by taking the cube of your chosen element and inserting into a slot next to the TV (see pic below).

The videos have been translated into Portuguese, the main language of Brazil.

The museum created the exhibit in co-operation with us here in Nottingham. We're hoping to show you more about it soon.

Of course if you happen to speak Portuguese, here are full details of how to watch our online videos with captions.

The Museum of Life is not he only museum which displays our videos.

The Catalyst Museum, in Widnes, England, also has a small display using the videos.

And the University of Nottingham's Technology Demonstrator has a cool touch screen version of our website (pic below).


  1. At Catalyst we are very happy with the exhibit, and it's very popular with visitors. We have just about overcome the problems associated with using a standard browser in a public environment (a combination of Firefox and an effective kiosk add-in did the job for us)


  2. Hi! I'm a big fan of your videos and I'm brazilian, so I would just to correct something. When you say that the Portuguese is the main language of Brazil is like saying that English is the main language of England, doesn't that sounds strange?


  3. Nina, some people are a bit silly and would think Portuguese is the language of Portugal, English is the language of England and Brazilian is the language of Brazil...

    In fact, I'm willing to bet if you asked 100 people in England what the language of Brazil is, more than half would NOT say Portuguese!

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