Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Periodic Prizewinners

A few members of the Periodic Table of Videos team picked up prizes lately.

The University of Nottingham's Vice-Chancellor's Achievement Award was awarded to three of our chemists - Pete Licence, Sam Tang and Martyn Poliakoff.

It was presented for their work on the PToV project.

The photo below shows Sam and Pete picking up their awards from the VC himself, Profesor David Greenaway. Professor Poliakoff was unable to attend.

Meanwhile, Professor Poliakoff's trophy cabinet must be overflowing... he has also picked up a prestigious award from the Royal Society.

The Leverhulme medal is awarded every three years for significant contributions to pure or applied chemistry or engineering, including chemical engineering.

Professor Poliakoff was recognised for work on "Green Chemistry and supercritical fluids by the application of chemistry to advance chemical engineering processes".

He was given a fancy gold medal and a £2000 gift.


  1. Wow, that is fantastic news! Congratulations, especially to Professor Poliakoff!
    (And may I say, Sam looks quite spectacular in that dress.)