Saturday, 12 June 2010

As heard on the BBC

Just found out (via Twitter of course) that our video about the composition of the World Cup had been mentioned on the BBC World Service news.

It later went on to become one of the weekend's most read articles on the BBC News website... Check it out.

I missed it on the radio but have since seen a copy of the short script...

"A British chemistry professor has said that the football World Cup trophy is not made of solid gold as claimed by the football governing body, FIFA. Professor Martyn Poliakoff, from Nottingham University, says his calculations show that a solid gold trophy of its size would be too heavy, weighing at least seventy kilos. Mr Poliakoff concludes that the trophy, or at least part of it, must be hollow. FIFA's website says the World Cup trophy is made of solid eighteen-carat gold and weighs six kilos."

I must say again, FIFA have never said the trophy isn't hollow. But they do promote it as solid gold (which can be interpreted in various ways).

Funnily enough the BBC journalist told me he stumbled over our video embedded in a Brazilian website.

So all credit goes to Professor Luis Brudna in Brazil who does Portuguese translations for us. He was very quick to translate the World Cup video, which is doubtless why we ended up in that Brazilian website.

See all Luis' Portuguese translations by clicking this link.

I include the picture of Brazil's Cafu with the trophy as a tribute to Luis!

UPDATE: Have since had this link drawn to my attention - - We feature just after the 26-minute mark!


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