Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Most watched videos

Lately I've been posting a few people's "top five" videos from the Periodic Table of Videos.

Today I'm posting the five videos which have been watched the most times (as of 6 April 2010) with a bit of background on each.

1. CHOCOLATE AND ROSES (362,446 views)

We made this video for Valentine's Day in 2009 and YouTube featured it on the front page, always guaranteeing a high view count! A year we later uploaded a higher definition version with a couple of minor tweaks and extra shots.

2. CANDLES AT HALLOWEEN (360,575 views)

Another seasonal video which performed very well. Less exciting than our highly explosive 2010 Halloween video, but sometimes the simple things in life are the best.

3. URANIUM (261,257 views)

An element everyone is curious about, I guess. Again it was helped by some great exposure on the main YouTube pages.

4. SODIUM (236,302 views)

One of the first videos we ever made and many bloggers have embedded this video, which has helped boost its view count.

5. TEA CHEMISTRY (167,609 views)

Another simple video, but again one that caught the attention of people on YouTube.


No single Hydrogen video makes the top five, but our two main hydrogen videos (we replaced the original about a year into the project) have 150,773 and 119,876 views each. The first video also has an inaccurate view count because of a YouTube glitch I won't bother explaining... It is probably about 30,000-50,000 less than it should be. Hydrogen does well because it is usually the first video people click on when they visit the periodic table on our main web page.

No video I've made for Sixty Symbols has bettered these films, but Black Holes has 101,971 views and Drinking Bird has 98,638 views.