Thursday, 25 March 2010

A bit of everything

From cheeseburger experiments to medieval manuscripts.... today was crazy!

However I think it was a good demonstration of the variety you encounter as a video journalist.

Here's how it unfolded....

My first assignment was filming Professor Tom O'Loughlin for the Bibledex project.

Tom discussed four books of the Bible - Ezra, Joel, Jude and Titus. I knew nothing about them, so it was quite illuminating and a bit controversial at times.

Next stop was the office of engineer Professor Seamus Garvey. Test Tube followers will know I've been filming Seamus for well over two years as he works toward his goal of giant undersea energy bags.

Today Seamus revealed a big milestone - the formation of a company. I filmed a short interview with him to mark the occasion.

Next stop was the School of Chemistry for the next episode of The Periodic Table of Videos.

Here I teamed up with Dr Darren Walsh for a new video we're making about hydrochloric acid.... It involved dunking a cheeseburger in acid and starting some timelapse video.....

Leaving the chesseburger to react in acid, I was off to meet Professor Thorlac Turville-Petre.

He told me about his research into medieval manuscripts for the What's the Point series - a look into why people study arts and humanities subjects. It was fascinating.

Then to meet with Professor Ed Copeland to film some clips about dark matter for an upcoming addition to the Sixty Symbols website.

We also had a useful discussion about particle physics and ideas for upcoming videos for the project.

Then it was astronomer Boris Häußler. He's just back from a telescope observing trip in Hawaii and took a camera along on my behalf... Today we recorded some voice-over and explanations for the footage. The video should be ready soon for Sixty Symbols or Test Tube - or maybe both.

Last stop was that cheeseburger, discovering what the hydrochloric acid had done.

The results were interesting and will appear very soon on the Periodic Table of Videos...

Anyway, that was my day.....Now I'm writing this blog and putting all the footage onto my computer! More filming tomorrow, then a big afternoon session of editing.


  1. Hi Brady - I came across your blog today while working with a student using your Periodic website. Very cool.

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