Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Alternative Top Five

Here's another viewer's "top five films" from The Periodic Table of Videos.

This list comes a younger viewer - Alex, known as chemiealex on YouTube.

He has chosen to reveal his list in reverse order - perhaps to maximize the suspense!


Alex says: "It's very interesting to see the professor working in the lab. Even if it's just about cooking an egg."


Alex says: "I like the experiments and Pete is very amusing. Oh, and Neil is always eating in the lab!"


Alex says: "Well, Steve is one of my favourite presenters on your videos (which actually are all of you), as he works with some very interesting compounds. I like the way he's speaking and demonstrating."


Alex says: "In this video an important laboratory technique is presented and you can see how a chemist works. Very interesting!"


Alex says: "As I've already said I really like Steve. And Uranium is a substance you don't see every day. Again a laboratory technique is presented."

Many thanks to Alex, who clearly likes to see lab work in action.....

You can see an earlier top five submitted by Sarah at this link. I note Sarah and Alex shared no videos in common!

We have a few more top fives in the pipeline, including some from the people who actually make the films. And if you want to submit a list of your own, I'll pop it on the blog.


  1. Great choices, can't wait to see others. Yes odd we didn't choose one the same. I guess its early days yet ;D Thank you for asking me PTOV 's

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