Thursday, 16 January 2014


It was almost inevitable, after days of mind-numbing animation, that I would make a mistake in my recent Knight's Tour video

And indeeed I made an error showing the path of magic knight's tour, making a mis-step over the final few moves… 61-62-63-64.

This one, from the video, is wrong (it is legitimate tour, but not quite magic):

And this one is right (I think):

Each column and row should add to 260.

Here are some great resources from people who really know there stuff when it cmes to Knight's Tours…

Some good knight's tour links:
Great overview by Ben Hill and Kevin Tostado:
Notes and huge resource by George Jelliss:
On using "ants" to find tours:
Good stuff on magic knight's tours:
On the number of knight's tours:

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