Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Movember and Men's Health

I remember back in Adelaide, Australia, a friend grew a ridiculous moustache and talked about something called "Movember".

Of course, Movember has now become a world-wide sensation.

But only today, reading on Wikipedia, did I realise I was witnessing the birth of Movember back in my home town!

In 2013 I've decided to take part (perhaps only now am I capable of such a hirsute feat!?)

Movember (the growing of moustaches in the month of November) has become an annual fundraiser for men's health.

In particular, it raises fund for two issues extremely important issues - cancer (*) and mental illness.

Not only do these affect countless men - they cause tremendous hurt and sadness to those around them.

I am more than happy to be ridiculed (a little more than usual) if a few people make a donation!

I know not everyone can afford to make donations - but thanks for reading and maybe there are other ways you can show support for the causes.

And to all of those who are experiencing the cruel effects of cancer or metal illness - stay strong and hopefully help is on the way.



(* The cause focuses on prostate and testicular cancer for obvious reasons)