Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Some recent videos

It's been a crazy couple of days, with some exciting new videos going up across a few of my channels.

Here is a re-cap:

On periodicvideos we were inside a Noble Metals factory - where the metal is worth so much they even wipe the dust off your shoes!

On computerphile, my colleague Sean interviewed Tom Rodden about algorithms.

A new series on nottinghamscience kicked off with this video - it is all about our scientists putting objects in our specially designed Time Capsule... More on this soon.

These two videos on numberphile dealt with breaking news in the world of prime numbers.

Lastly, on my new "secret channel" I put these two videos.

The channel - BradyStuff - is just a lucky dip of video material I have nowhere else to put.

In recent days I have been going through some old GoPro files and found these... It was a chance to show a couple of old experiments at greater length from different angles... And I've uploaded them at higher resolution.


  1. Thanks Brady for all the amazing videos and channels. You are truly a remarkable man, life changing. You made it possible for people who can go onto Youtube and show then the fantastic world of science, and I am hugely grateful for that.

  2. Nice secret channel, lol.
    I subscribed :D

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