Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Thoughts on science videos

I was recently a guest on a panel discussing "Making Science Public".

Among my numerous rambles, I explained why science communication could learn something from football..  maybe?

Here is what I said:

Extended footage from the panel here.


  1. Brady, I think that you are on to something big. Perhaps a movie would be in order, something like a combination of Indiana Jones and the old McGiver TV series using Mythbusters type science to fight crime, win the girl (or boy), beat the other team, win the war, etc, etc. That ought to get the juices flowing, eh?

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  3. I am a very strange creature - a Brazilian who doesn't care much about football. Science sounds much more interesting to me! But yes, I couldn't agree more: the human side of science (or sports... or pretty much anything) is the most fascinating one. Being able to appreciate that makes you a great documentarist, Brady.