Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Why go early?

Once again I thought I'd use this blog to answer a question/comment made repeatedly on YouTube.

I can't possibly reply to all of the comments - so here's my blanket response!

This issue relates to uploading videos a couple of days before special occasions.

The catalyst this time is a series of four videos I made about Pi.

They were made to coincide with the so-called Pi Day - or 3/14 in American parlance.

Rather than uploading the videos on March 14, I uploaded them on March 12.

I do similar things with videos relating to special events, like Easter, Christmas, Halloween, etc.

There are a few reasons for this...


It gives me a chance to promote the video in the hope it spreads virally.

When March 14 arrives, I want the video to have been seen by as many as people as possible. To be fresh in minds so it might be shared with friends.

Starting this promotional campaign on the day itself would be last-minute stupidity.

It would be like stocking Easter Eggs in the shops only on Easter Sunday... Or advertising the latest must-have gifts only on Christmas Day itself, after everyone has bought their presents!


I always hope the people at YouTube might promote themed videos at Christmas, Easter, etc... If I'm lucky enough included, it's a chance to reach new viewers.

There's no guarantee the faceless and all-powerful YouTube people will include me... But surely they decide what to include a day or two beforehand?

It just seems to make sense to have a product "out there on the shelves" a day or two earlier.

I can't imagine company as big as Google (owners on YouTube)  decides to create a special feature of themed videos on a whim and then looks at what has been uploaded in the last 20 minutes!?

Update: YouTube did feature two of the Pi videos... This feature appeared before I would even have woken up on 14 March!!! See pic below...


I live in the UK - pretty much the middle of the world in terms of "the day".

It would be very hard to find a time to upload the video (thereby giving it the appropriate "date stamp") which would please people in Australia, the UK and the US... So why not go early?


What if something goes wrong? What if my internet connection dies on the big day? What if I find last-minute errors in the videos which require re-editing?

Or worse yet, if I upload the video and only then find a problem requiring its removal and re-uploading!? Perhaps an error only a viewer will discover with fresh eyes?

Too late if I find out on the big day itself!!!?

Video editing and processing is time consuming... Last-minute fixes are rarely quick and easy.


  1. I appreciate having them early as it gives me chance to relay the information to others.

  2. Brady,
    You can't even imagine how much I appreciate your videos. They have changed my life forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. Very nice to hear - and thanks for watching!

  3. I live in +6 timezone (Tyumen, Russia).
    That's why it's very convenient for me to watch your videos before the actual date, instead of 6 hours later.

    P.S. Your videos are one of the reason why I want to move to the England or Australia - you've got so great and intelligent people there :)

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