Saturday, 17 September 2011

See The Prof in Sydney

Some of you may be aware the Prof is currently in Sydney for the first leg of a speaking tour around Australia.

We've just had word that any periodicvideos fans who wish to see his lecture on Wednesday (21st of Sept) can come along and get a free visitor's pass.

He'll be lecturing at 11.45am-12.30pm on his beloved topic of green chemistry and how it can improve the world.

He'll also be around (briefly) after to say hello.

The lecture is on level 3 of the Hilton Hotel on George St as part of Chemeca Conference.


  1. This is fantastic. We can't wait for you to come to Melbourne!

  2. Hey Brady!

    I was really hoping to come along to this, but I've got school on till 11!

    I'll hopefully be able to make it before 11:45 but if I can't is there still a chance I could get a pass and see the lecture?!

    I'm so excited to see this it's not even funny and I actually would leave school early a bit but it's my graduation assembly so it might be a bit suss if I wasn't there!

    Thanks anyway Brady, love the videos, keep em coming! Hope you two are heading down to Questacon, I mean I know that place is mostly for kids, but it's so much scienc-y fun!

    Cheers! Andy

  3. sorry, just realized I didn't put my e-mail in the above comment, it's :)

  4. but i have school at that time :'(

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