Saturday, 2 April 2011

Why Bibledex?

One of the video projects I work on is called Bibledex.

It's a series of videos about every book in the Bible and other Bible-type stuff.

Some of it was filmed in Israel.

I think some people find my passion for the project surprising because I spend so much time focused on science.

Of course I'm aware that science and religion are often at odds.

But Bibledex is not supposed to be religious - it's just a bunch of academic experts talking about a famous and important book.

Like my channels about chemistry and physics, I'm just trying to find out interesting stuff and share it with like-minded, curious people.

This comment, recently posted on the Bibledex YouTube channel, summed up the project in a more eloquent way than I ever have... So I thought I'd share it:

"This is not a channel related to religion per se, but rather the Bible, the book which has influenced more people in history than any other. 2000 years of sculpture, painting, literature, poetry, philosophy, ethics, law and yes, science, too, were influenced by this book alone, and to underestimate this book's influence or ignore it is to purposefully render yourself blind to the context of much of Western History and Civilization. Great channel."

Many thanks to "dogbishop" for posting this.

And I should point out that many (athiest) scientists who I work with have cast an eye over Bibledex and really enjoy it.

We may have covered every book in the Bible, but Bibledex will be returning in a few weeks with a new series of videos. More soon.

In the meantime, here's our video on the book of Revelation - always a favourite.


  1. I have watched many of your other videos for a long time now, I am glad that you are also doing a version on the Bible. I am not a very religious person, but as I grow older I am trying to find my Faith. I have just started watching these videos but I hope they force me to ponder more of the ideas presented and to realize much of the things I have yet to learn. Great job as always. And a special thanks to the scientists of Sixty Symbols who made the YouTube videos such a joy to watch I searched out all your other projects.

  2. Excellent editing on that video, interspersing the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel with the good Doctor's singing! I love it!

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  4. You sidestepped the question, Brady: Are you religious or not?
    Yes, you said you recognize "science and religion are often at odds", but do you rationalize away those differences?