Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Chemistry Roadtrip to Ytterby

At a recent event I was asked which science video have I most enjoyed making.

It was a very tough question.

But on the spur of the moment I chose our video about Ytterby, in Sweden.

It was one of the very early videos from The Periodic Table of Videos - our first chemistry "road trip".

I traveled with chemist Pete Licence to the small, disused quarry where FOUR of the elements on the periodic table were first discovered.

They were Erbium, Terbium, Yttrium and Ytterbium - all named after Ytterby!

The video was uploaded quite a while ago and I noted that it had quite poor picture quality by more recent standards.

So today I went into the archives and re-uploaded the video at higher resolution. Here it is:

Pictures from the trip can be found on our Flickr site at this link.

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