Saturday, 16 April 2011

A Big YouTube Thing

Last week I was in London for some filming.

But I also went to an event hosted by YouTube called "Becoming YouTube Stars".

I'd been invited on to a panel of established YouTubers to answer questions and give some advice to other film-makers.

Here's the sofa the panelists sat on...

And here's the view from the sofa...

Sitting alongside me were four other YouTubers - their channels are Tomska, Simon's Cat, Liviesays and Human Beatbox. More about them below.

As each of us were introduced, a brief video was shown... Here's mine:

It's hard to say if any of our advice was useful... There's no real formula to success on YouTube because everyone approaches it so differently.

However it's probably good for everyone just to mingle and talk with like-minded people.

And for me it was nice to finally meet some of YouTube staff face-to-face!

I couldn't stay for the whole day, but was struck by how enthusiastic - and young - all the film-makers were.

I'm not sure many of the attendees were too interested in videos about chemistry and physics, etc.

Most of them seemed far more interested in comedy, music and animation.

However a few people approached me afterwards and said they enjoyed periodicvideos and sixtysymbols - so that was nice.

Far more popular were my fellow panelists, whose work I've since looked at.

Tom Ridgewell from Tomska was an unassuming guy but his videos are fantastic and hugely popular.

He and his fellow film-makers are clearly having way too much fun - here's just one of Tom's videos which tickled me.

The guys from Simon's Cat have created a phenomenon and are really nice - just like their films.

I'm not exactly the target market for Liviesays, who gives make-up advice, but she was very sweet - and, yes, her make-up was very well applied!

Here's one of her films:

And finally, some beatboxing...


  1. Hi Brady, I came across your periodic table of videos and sixty symbols about a week ago. I've been watching them every day since. Thank you for making them!

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