Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Your Mind Is Like Soup

The other day I received this tantalizing picture via Twitter.

It is a quotation at the front of a master's thesis.

Quoting Professor Poliakoff was Lasse Nørfeldt, who was about to complete his masters in pharmaceutical sciences.

He was on the eve of defending his thesis and did not elaborate on the tweet, promising he would do so later.

Well he has since emailed with more details and pictures.

"I started studying pharmacy in 2006 at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Copenhagen University.

"During my first semester I had a course in fundamental chemistry and was given the task of learning all the atomic numbers in the periodic table (except the Lanthanoids and Actinoids).

"I found a site that had some flashcards and actually learned all the numbers (most I forgotten by now).

"During my search I came across the periodic videos channel and LOVED it!  I believe that this was my first youtube subscription.

"During my study I have continued to watch this channel (along with the other channels that emerged) even though I don't so much chemistry any more.

"I am very inspired by the way that the professor and the other scientists communicate the scientific knowledge.

"They really boil it down to an interesting soup of knowledge. During my Master's Thesis I was dealing a lot with scientific knowledge from other disciplines such as computer science, material engineering and mechanical physics.

"It was very difficult to understand since much of this knowledge is not so common in pharmaceutical science and I therefore kept reminding me of my favorite citation: Your mind is like soup...

BTW: My favorite dish is soup and opponent really liked my thesis...

PS: Could you please make a video about air pressure and altitude? My mind needs to be stirred again. 

Yours Sincerely / Venlig hilsen Lasse Nørfeldt

The quote is from this video...


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