Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Girlfriend says no!

Regular viewers of Numberphile will know we've been featuring viewers who roll a "one-roll Yahtzee" - odds of 1 in 1296.

This evening I have been sorting through the next batch, which include some rather exceptional and quirky contributions.

Stay tuned for those ones!!!

But amoung the submissions was a message that made me smile. And I could relate to it.

Here it is, from a chap named Gareth:

"Just like to say that I stumble on your site a couple of months ago and I religiously keep checking your site for new videos. 

"I'm close to watching all your videos and I love them. 

"I was thinking of entering some Yahtzee videos, however I was watching the video with my girlfriend and before I could say anything she said no and walked away."


  1. haha I love that she was clearly in sync with what he was thinking.

  2. "...religiously keep checking your site for new videos"

    Someone should teach him how to drive YouTube.